think pink!

I fully admit it- I'm an absolute sucker for the color pink. You name it: dresses, dishware, patterns, modern furniture... even 60's cars and cupcake frosting. Call me terribly girly, but pink is by far my favorite color, especially when it comes to household items.

Oh, I'm smitten:

1. measure your love cups from Fred Flare, 2. pink juxtra drawer from The Container Store, 3. pink small cherry plate from Lovely Lovely, 4. rubber am/fm radio from Greener Grass Design, 5. girl wall decoration from Apple Pie Design, 6. big love ice cream bowl from Home Frenzy, 7. glass rose candleholders from Lagerhaus, 8. silhouette cuckoo clock from Dutch By Design, 9. play date tea set from Rosanna, 10. monkey lampshade from Lush Designs, 11. strawberry mug from Cath Kidston, and 12. girl chopstick hinge from Satinbox.

(See also: Think Pink and Pink flickr groups)


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