friday flickr favorites : lovely products.

1. Tea cusion cover nr1, 2. One Apple, 3. What? Lulu Wiggins?, 4. new giraffe, 5. Coffee break, 6. Oklahoma purse detail, 7. There they are again, 8. 365/15, 9. buttons, 10. Tea_3553small, 11. Vintage Yellow Dishware Set, 12. Tomato pincushions, 13. Untitled, 14. chandalier lamp shade, 15. Untitled, 16. cones, 17. bird:number pillows on bed, 18. Elephant with hearts., 19. cakes for lilimay, 20. Untitled


  1. ahhh my giraffe is on your blog! ahhhh im so excited that's totally made my day! thanks :) im so glad you like it! wow im all grins

  2. my dorothy wizard of oz polka dot purse detail is on there too! Thank you very much for featuring it - it was a nice suprise!!!

  3. thanks for featuring my pincushions! you have a lovely blog!!


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