great gifts for babies.

I am madly in love with these knitted hats from Oeuf. They stay in place and keep baby's ears and neck protected from the cold, and boy, they are absolutely adorable ($37-$49).

We recently bought a pair of BabyLegs for our infant and I must say, they are fabulous. Not only are they totally cute and stylish, but they are essential for the winter months. Babies can crawl around the house in them (making diaper changes much easier) and they can be worn under pants to keep them extra warm ($12).

Pretty new holiday tee shirt designs from Little Uni. They come in a number of different colors and feature adorable Christmas and Hanukkah images ($28-$30).

I'm always happy when I find very well designed essential baby products like these ones. The squirt baby spoon dispenses one bite at a time and holds up to 3 oz. of baby food, making one handed feeding extremely easy. The snack ball protects snacks from crushing, which makes it great for travel ($6.50-$8).

Infant gowns are always great to have, and these ones from Kate Quinn Organics are lovely and made from 100% organic cotton ($30).

When my toddler was about seven months old, he adopted one of these soft animals by Jellycat, which quickly became his best friend. They are the perfect old-fashioned plush animal, so soft, silky, and understuffed (available at Hanna Anderson, $20).

Kipiis allow you to turn anything into a bib- napkin, cloth diaper, kitchen towel. Just clip the two rounded fasteners onto whatever’s handy, adjust the back, and there you go! Quite handy indeed (Available at Ahhgoo, $11).

I always love the clothing available at Tomat. They are stylish, clever, and are now available in organic cotton. Great for any baby's wardrobe ($24).

The Candeloo Nightlight/Lamp Set is wonderful. The lights turn on when lifted from the charging base and start to recharge as soon as they are put back. They can also be set to pulse gently, lulling restless little ones to sleep. Plus, they're adorable! (Available at Giggle, $50)

The b-bib by Oots is a bib with sleeves that covers arms and bellies. They are made of terrycloth and come decorated with a printed or embroidered design. So cute and useful ($18.95).


  1. those plush toys and hats are adorable...I love the zebra a lot.


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