gifts for the guys.

I apologize for a couple of days passing by without any updates. We have been traveling yet again, but I promise to keep the posts coming! Anyways, here is my take on some stylish and functional gifts for the guys. Enjoy!

1. Dead Tired Sleep Mask from Gama-Go ($12), 2. Skeleton Keys from Spoon Sisters ($5), 3. Wood Print Mini Wallet from Fluffy Co. ($18), 4. Skull Candle from Matter ($95), 5. Slingshot Pencil from Curiosity Shoppe ($80), 6. Tykho AM/FM Radio from Greener Grass Design ($57), and 7. City Slicker Bookends from Wrapables ($59.95)

1. Yeti Boxer Briefs from Gama-Go ($18), 2. Diana Camera from Flight 001 ($60), 3. WTF Poster from Beyond the Valley (£15.00), 4. Pulse Wallet from Chocosho ($48), 5. Retro Flip Clock from EQ3 ($24.99), and 6. The "Manly" Ruler Cuff ($54)

1. Vintage Record Coasters from Elsewares ($20), 2. Built Laptop Portfolio from Uma ($70), 3. Silver Sword Necklace from Built By Wendy($150), 4. Star Wars Mimobots USB Flash Drives from Urban Outfitters ($60), 5. Timezone Clock from A+R ($60), and 6. Retro TV Alarm Clock from Fred Flare ($30)

1. Chairs Necktie from Retromodern ($42.50), 2. Arc Coin Bank from Chiasso ($78), 3. Film Noir Book from Taschen ($19.99), 4. Power Station from The Container Store ($24.99), 5. Botta II Watch from Moss ($620), 6. Suck UK Hip Flask from Fitzsu ($35), and 7. Knife Holder from A+R ($158)


  1. I visit your blog every day and love all of the design inspiration. I do have a question, what software do you use to create your picture collages... they are great.

  2. Carrie Sue: Thank you! I use Adobe Photoshop to make all the collages on this site. I'm glad you like them!

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  4. Nice gift list! Some great stuff on there! I love that radio! You might dig the one we put up on our site, CrownDozen.com. Check it out if you have a minute: http://crowndozen.com/giftguide07

  5. i love that slingshot pencil! genius!


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