new pretty things.

I thought I would end this (very slow) week with some new items I have had my eyes on for the past few days. Hopefully next week will be more eventful on here. There are plans to unveil a new feature, so be on the lookout!

Also, if you haven't noticed, I tweaked the layout with a new header. I am much more pleased with this one.

Petite Zine Faces from The Shiny Squirrel ($10), 5 Porcelain Keys from the Curiosity Shoppe ($40), and Large Round Nature Tray from Elsewares ($130)

Airplane Mobile from Design Public ($38), Flower Brooch Spring from Egg Mercantile (€49,00), and Cake Deliciousness Dishtowel from Anthropologie ($18)


  1. Cool new banner! Also, the airplane mobile is very cute! Love your blog!

  2. hello there.
    just wanted to say i read your blog every week and it is always so lovely. infact i spend so much time checking out all the links i am going to have to start using a timer!!
    keep up all the goodness and i hope you get tons of sponsors.

  3. thanks so much for including me on this little bulletain board of inspiration.


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