corners of bloggers' homes.

Lately I spend a large portion of my time online looking at corners of people's homes. Few things are more inspiring than taking peeks into the apartments and houses of others, seeing how each person creates a space that is their own. So it is no surprise that I completely adore seeing the homes of my fellow design bloggers, the people who have strong eyes for all things aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few of my favorite corners from the homes of Holly of Decor 8, Ez of Creature Comforts, Grace of Design Sponge, Victoria of sfgirlbybay, and Anna of Door Sixteen.

(For more pictures of Holly's home, click here)

(For more pictures of Ez's home, click here)

(For more pictures of Grace's home, click here)

(For more pictures of Victoria's home, click here)

(For more pictures of Anna's home, click here)


  1. All of my favorites in one place..great collection you put together. Thanks for introducing me to Door 16--a great blog, of which, I was unaware.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love this! I just found you via Desire to Inspire (lovely ladies) and LOVE your blog. Adding you to the ole blogroll asap. xo Abbey


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