etsy finds of the week.

1. couture dress design from redheather ($25), 2. Dublin XV. aka Boland s Mills Ltd from Vladimir Longauer Photography ($100), 3. Handmade Ferris Wheel Popup Card from vida.zakka ($50), 4. Stove in Blue from Robin Clare ($60), 5. Tea Party Invitation from Cheer Up Cherup ($31), 6. Yellow Spring Flowers from Lana Dashevsky ($25), 7. Bookshelf 10 from jane Mount ($50), 8. Typewriter Necklace from crumpet cake ($20), and 9. Earth Day Shirt from Every Little Counts ($25)


  1. these are all totally yum, but i love the photo of the yellow flowers (raneculous?) is just divine.

  2. I LOVE that gorgeous ferris wheel papercut/card. I always love stopping by here and browsing your lovely finds.

    By the way...I have given you an E for Excellent Blogging award-you're one of my favorite stops each day. The details are on my blog. Have a wonderful weekend! ~suzanne

    {my apologies if this is duplicate, I thought I had commented yesterday, but didn't see it come up}

  3. i just found your blog as i was browsing through designsponge comments, and i'm glad i clicked!

    your selections in your blog are absolutely pretty!

    bookmarked for sure!


  4. Lovely blog, hope you dont mind being added as a side link on my blog!

  5. beautiful. i love the red dress and the earth day t-shirt.


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