crochet pendant lamps.

Love these unique Crochet Pendant Lamps from Roost. They are beautifully designed and actually completely hand-woven. ($119 from Velocity Art & Design)

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  1. Did you know that pendant lights provide both task and general lighting? They are the perfect addition above a kitchen island or game table and when used over a night stand or end table they free up the space normally occupied by table lamps.Pendant lighting adds light exactly where you want it; much like a decorative soft spotlight. Pendants come in a wide variety of styles, designs and colors suiting them to fit anywhere you can think of. They work very well as accent lighting, as a soft spotlight to highlight an area of the room or even lighting over a dining table. Think outside of the box when it comes to pendants, be creative, pendants are perfect for the spot that nothing else seems suited to. Adding a little light may be exactly what the room needed.


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