summertime artwork.

So, it's offical: today is the longest day of the year and finally the first day of summer! I must say, I am quite excited about it- it's been a long winter. So in celebration, here is some lovely summer-esque artwork.

1. Strawberry by Christina Lyon ($9), 2. Lunastrella Tricycle by John W. Golden ($30), 3. Mr Armadale by tsk tsk (AU$15.00), 4. happy sun gocco print by Matte Stevens ($22), 5. Home Sweet Home by Rosie Music ($30), 6. Yellow Lawn Chair by Danna Ray ($20), 7. the native woodland rose flower poster by Jill Bliss ($14), and 8. Sun Rays by Dora Drimalas ($40)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks so much for featuring my work! :)

    -Christina from studiolyon at Etsy


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