forget love, i'd rather fall in chocolate.

Inspired by a box of note cards sitting on my desk next to me, featuring the title quotation.

1. Antwerp Chair, Naive Tropical ($1,498), 2. Fine Chocolate Soap Set ($25), 3. Brown Links Cup & Saucer ($18), 4. Woodland Square Pillow ($116), 5. Wetter Indochine Bunny ($28), 6. Chocolate Silk Ruffled 'Arid' Dress ($275.99), 7. Poetic License Tilly ($89), and 8. Brown Scallops Pocket Mirror ($6.50)


  1. Those brown shoes are darling. I am a fan of bows :) Great pick!

  2. I have a stupid question. How do you put together these collages. I see everyone using them. I love them and would love to know how to make one.

  3. Thanks S!

    Janet: I just use Photoshop. I save all the images from the shop websites and just resize them and arrange them how I'd like in a new file. I know that a lot of people use Polyvore now, which basically does the same thing.

  4. Thanks, Summer! Have a great weekend.


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