things i'm loving : monday evening edition.

I hope everyone's weekend was lovely. Thank you so very much for the sweet comments and Happy Birthday wishes. You are all wonderful!

Above: 1. Chiffon Ensemble Dress ($32.80), 2. Forty Flowers Wallpaper ($94), and 3. Lucky Four Leaf Clover Lariat ($26)

Below: 4. Ornamental Metal Lace Drain ($100), 5. Get Your Shit Together ($12), and 6. Wind Through Northern Sky Print ($35)


  1. Ooh - love the flowery wallpaper and the white dress. So pretty!

  2. Oh la la, I love the dress...wallpaper...earrings...just the whole post!

  3. I love the dress in the first picture. I recently purchased a similar dress from shopgoldyn.com that I absolutely adore! It's great for all seasons and so romantic looking with the ruffles. It's a great site, check it out :)

  4. wow i love that dress..its so pretty!! and only 35$!! AMAZING!! In responce to who ever wrote about goldyn..i totally agree. That website is amazingggg and i just bought these gladiators from there that would look soo cute with that dress!! i cant wait to wear them!


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