bunny figures.

Sorry everyone for the delay! As you can guess, I am pretty busy here, so updates won't be as frequent. But I wanted to share these adorable bunny figures from A+R Store. They come in a set of two with a book by the designer, Mr. Clement. Quite wonderful. ($98)


  1. The bunny with the chef's knife held in that way is a little freaky!

    I love their scarves though!

  2. LOVE the bunnies! funny and adorable:)
    Look at their little scarfs. Are they about to open mail or is it the scene before a bunny murder?! Either way... fun:)

  3. I love how the other bunny is all stabby.
    A bunny's gonna get shanked tonight!
    I love the touch of morbidity throughout the cuteness. Thanks for sharing.


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