etsy finds of the week.

I'm back! Hawaii was quite wonderful. Updates will return regularly as planned!

1. Corner in my kitchen from Sugar Snaps ($25), 2. Summer Scarf Rose from Morelle ($25), and 3. The market bag in Burnt Olive from Moop ($93)

4. Set of 2 Mini Tag Books from Erin Zam ($14), 5. Bird and Moth Mini Plate from Fox and Clover ($48), and 6. Spice Study One from Elly Nelly Prints ($20)

7. fit and flare dress from My Favorite Vintage ($125), 8. 12 x 16 Pillow from Sown ($80), and 9. You Deserve Pie original design T Shirt from TealTown Ink ($26)

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  1. You were in Hawai'i?? I wish I had read that earlier because I'm born and raised here, so I could've suggested some cool places that probably aren't on the travel guide. I'm excited to here what you did here though!! Oh, and love your blog! :)


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