flickr friday : sugary confections.

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful three-day weekend, filled with plenty of delicious sweets.

flickr friday : confections.

1. Candies, 2. { pink fluff }, 3. you'll need to visit the dentist after finishing one of these!, 4. Candy, 5. Jawbreaker, 6. { candy + milk }, 7. Twisty, 8. violet candy, 9. confectioners' sugar: a romance, 10. Too Beautiful to Eat?, 11. Jelly heart, 12. schokolade, 13. Untitled, 14. fairy floss, 15. At the end of the rainbow, 16. coconut ice


  1. I love all: Flickr Friday, with it I can see amasing photos that I love!
    With it I can inspire me, too!

    Your blog it's fantastic!!I love it!

  2. oh this is FUN!!! love it!

  3. so pretty. i could look at things like this all day :) brings me back to sweet, sweet memories of childhood...

  4. Love the colours! Is it wrong to now want sweets at 8 in the morning?

  5. What a PMS dream come true. Now if there was only kettle corn thrown into the mix!!

  6. Such lovely little pretties!
    It reminds me of jewelry they're so beautiful and colorful.

  7. Hi! i found your blog and i'm loving everything here!!!!!
    So beautiful!!!

    xoxo from Brazil


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