thanks a million.

1. Kate Spade Folded Notes, Thank You Kindly ($25), 2. thanks a bunch! boxed set ($14), 3. periodic table thank you (Ty) ($3.50 single, $12 set of six), 4. letter thank you ($5), 5. Thank you - set of 4 cute kitsch notecards and envelopes ($6), 6. Thank You ($3), 7. Gracias - Flora & Fauna Poppy Letterpress Boxed Notes ($12.50 for set of 8), 8. gingham stitch melon ($14 for set of 6), 9. Deer Thanks Card ($3), and 10. Classic Thanks Cards ($4)


  1. I really really love your blog and the photographies on it ^^
    It's an inspiration for me.

    (I'm spanish, so my english is so bad ... ^^)

    see you :)

  2. I really love your blog, I have been on it top to bottom. I have to ask you, because I have been researching this for a week to no avail. What program do you use to make your design lists (the ones with pictures and numbers). Any help would be appreciated.


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