art collection : black & white.

1. "Born to be Wild" by Art & Ghosts (price unknown), 2. "Peacock" by Denise Simon ($25), 3. "Red Riding Hood by Elsa Mora ($7), 4. "Black meadow" by Johanna Anderes ($18), 5. "Young Man" by Lucas & Hayley (£15.00), 6. "Dinner Set" by Jeffrey Fulvimari ($600), 7. "Akin" by Binth ($85), 8. "Swift" by Julianna Swaney ($12), 9. "Too shy" No. 14 by Rosie Music ($20), and 10. "stand tall" by Olivia Jeffries ($39)


  1. Love the black and white. We have a great pic at work of lady's ballroom dancing on a black checkered floor done in black and white - I want it!

  2. Thank you so much for including Denise Simons' piece! I am going to be bringing in more of her work soon and others in your black and white theme!


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