etsy finds of the week.

1. blank greeting card, featuring photograph, cuniculus (rabbit) from pamela klaffke photography ($3.50), 2. Growing II vintage cameo necklace from Pequenio Craft ($21), and 3. Overdue from Cracked Designs ($3.50)

4. Fox in a Cage Wooden Brooch from Pony Parade ($22), 5. cute bunny egg warmer / hand puppet, easter gift from Red Mush ($9.95), and 6. Don't Want No Small Feet Man - - gocco screen printed - - serigraph from fric_de_mentol ($6)

7. I love apples and oranges Reusable Grocery tote from Elsie Cake ($18), 8. Fabric Teacup brooch 6 from Lupin ($25), and 9. Apple Maryjane Flats - Teal from Stops and Starts ($22)


  1. Oh! I love all of these!

    I actually have a few things from the fric de mentol shop. I treasure them! Such lovely work.

  2. ohhh, love the bunnie warmers

  3. the "I love apples and oranges" brought a smile to my face, so cute.

  4. I love number 6, it looks fantastic....I always love your collages


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