holiday cards part one : sets.

It almost seems way too early to post these, but the holidays really are sneaking up quickly. I realized this afternoon that I will be sending out our holiday cards in a little less than a month. So soon! Where on earth did fall go?

1. Pomegranate (Set of 8, $15), 2. Happy Holidays (Set of 12, $18), 3. Holiday: Mixed Box (Set of 5, $12.50), 4. holiday laurel (Set of 6, $14), 5. Rudolf (Set of 10, $15), 6. rockin' holiday cards (Set of 10, $14), 7. Gingerbread House (Set of 6, price unknown), 8. be merry be bright (Set of 10, $34), 9. heart globe (Set of 10, $14), and 10. Gumdrops Boxed Holiday Greeting Cards (Set of 10, $16.95)


  1. Yuppyyyy We are now oficially opened the holiday cards season!!

  2. Is it really that time already? I am so not ready!!!!

  3. those gumdrop cards are absolutely adorable! it's crazy to think that the holiday season is upon us but i'm not complaining-i love this time of year!

  4. It’s a beautiful collection!! Too love holiday cards at PrintingForLess.


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