things i'm loving : monday evening etsy edition.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween/Day of the Dead weekend. I dressed as Alice from Alice in Wonderland and went trick-or-treating with the kids (photographic evidence here), as well as having a get-together with friends and family.

Anyways, here are some fabulous Etsy creations to start the week with!

1. home is where the heart is 8 x 8 from scissorspaperglue ($15), 2. the green leaves pillow from the little stitch by parkersewn ($32), and 3. Colorful Tin Globe from Ladies & Gentlemen Vintage Shop ($60)

4. Victorian Gothic Human Tooth Cameo Pendant Necklace from Loved To Death ($70), 5. Moustache Hankerchief - Grey Gingham from Avril Loreti ($16), and 6. Alphabet Stamps (Medium) - Japanese from good-ness ($15)

7. Ceramic Strawberry Pink Cupcake Cookie Jar Container W/ Cherry On top from fruit fly ($49.99), 8. Yellow Fuzzy Hoodie Scarf with Kitty Cat Ears from Sky Creation ($20), and 9. Ornament 4 from Sarah Ogren ($9.50)

10. goldenrod cowl skirt from liza rietz ($235), 11. Solid Ivory Scrimshaw Ring, Whaling Scene from Linda Layden ($34.50), and 12. 25 Vocabulary Cards from Magpie Mary ($2.50)


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