etsy favs of the week : early tuesday morning edition.

How is it already the week before Christmas? I feel terribly busy and overwhelmed, trying to get everything together before we head out-of-town for the holidays.

Anyways, since I didn't get these to you on Friday, here are this week's Etsy favorites. Enjoy (and get that last-minute shopping done!)

1. Fragile - print from Asta ($27.95), 2. Red crystal suede and leather floral necklace from Babette ($75), and 3. vintage brooches 8.5x11 from Hula 70 ($25)

4. Forest Owl Soap Dish Tray In White from fruit fly ($29.99), 5. Baby Deer, 7 x 8 Fine Art Print from Sharon Montrose ($25), and 6. Custom Portrait Silhouette Plate from Dolamakes ($49)

7. 8X10 print (loving is for lost souls) from Nicole Anne Robbins ($10), 8. Spend Less leather billfold wallet from trees with knees ($28), and 9. printable gift tags - nature from Seventy & Sunny ($5)


  1. Love those wallets! They're a good reminder for those of us with budgeted New Years resolutions.

  2. That owl soap dish is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Whoa!
    Thanks for posting my necklace!!!
    I subscribe to your blog, and happen to have just spotted it- what a lovely surprise:)


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