and i'm back.

Happy New Year everyone (somewhat belated, I know)! With the holidays and being out of town until Friday, I have been quite busy and a bit lazy about returning back to blogging. I did, however, vow to myself that my long vacation would end today and life would return to normal. And so, here I am, ready to start again in a new year that I hope will be quite magnificent. I thought it would be nice to share some of my new year's resolutions with you in hopes that some of you might do the same...

What are yours?


  1. I love this post. One of my resolutions is to have more patience.

  2. I love the way that a New Year is a time for reflection and for looking ahead. I am with you on the coffee, the healthy eating and being more honest or open about what I want - not assuming that others will just know!

  3. that's very ambitious to do all that. my resolution I found out today is to start twitter and google reader AFTER I take a shower.

    that's it. and I tried today, it's good.

  4. What a pretty list of resolutions! =)

    My list always includes lots of silly things (you know to throw some spice in!) but my main goal this year is to take seriously the things I really want to achieve and not wait any longer to attempt them. Such as my Etsy shop http://www.slgdesigns.etsy.com

    Happy New Year!

  5. I NEVER do new years resolutions, but I love yours! I think I may secretly adopt a few of them - especially the be more adventurous one! Thanks for sharing.

  6. With that many resolutions, maybe you could assign one per month to focus on? That could make it manageable (at least for the ones that require one big initial push without a huge amount of maintenance).

  7. I don't really do resolutions, but I do goals for the year every year to keep myself motivated. I managed to achieve my goal last year of losing 10 pounds and keeping it off, so I am motivated this year! My goals for 2009 are to read a book in Latin, and run a 10k, among others.

  8. 1. choose fun/lightness/laughter/play over obligations/rules/hard work/responsibilities wherever possible.

    2. do less, be more. do one thing at a time, orient myself enough to time & space that my nervous system can catch up & not get over-activated.

    3. adventure, celebrate, create magic, embrace the infinite possibilities and take it super easy. be love.

  9. My main resolution is to do more things that are good for me -- this includes exercising, sleeping, and spending time with people who make me feel most alive.

    Oh, and blogging!

  10. Happy new year!!
    sell my art on etsy is one of my resolutions too! :-)

  11. i have lots of little dumb ones, but my favorites are to be a more positive person, and to spend more time with my friends. i'm also working on cooking more, since i eat out way too much.

    yours are great!

  12. Let's get all dressed up, go to a nice healthy meal and chat-there goes three of your resolutions right there!
    serious :)
    I'm with you on many of these, except the coffee one, I can never kick that...

  13. be a good mom (expecting my first in just a few weeks), cook more, motivate to apply for my masters by this summer (social work)
    be as honest as i can, to myself and to others.
    thanks for your post and for your blog. love it.

  14. Your resolutions could be mine. Except for that Seattle-part - that could be a bit difficult to do from here ;).


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