furniture : a big round-up.

While browsing through my past entries, I realized that it has been all too long since I last posted about furniture design (something I used to do a lot around here.) Lately I have been a bit swept up in photography and illustration, but here you go: my favorite furniture pieces of the moment, ones I would dearly love to own.

furniture : one.
1. Crepax Valentino nel Metro cabinet (tall), 2. High-Wire Act Chair, Petal, 3. Danish Modern Storage Side Table, 4. Scoop TV Table, and 5. Pendel 2 Seat Sofa

furniture : two.
6. Orla Kiely Cork Easy Chair Pear Print in Poppy, 7. Perf Boxes 8. French Style Bedside Table, 9. Vintage Oak Post Sorting Table, and 10. Chippendale Dining Chair

furniture : three.
11. channing desk, 12. Mademoiselle rocker, 1956, 13. alchemy stool, 14. Antique Wood Folding Chairs, and 15. Matisse Media Cabinet

furniture : four.
16. Baby Blue Highboy, 17. lampert loveseat, 18. Jamie Dream Velvet Sofa, 19. Ukiyo round table, and 20. The Paris Coffee Table

furniture : five.
21. Crochet table - large, 22. Chair 303, 23. Gus Design Group Acrylic Timber Table, 24. Brigitte Table, 25. Dawning Lark Bed, and 26. Table


  1. I just came by your blog by way of bread & honey. Wow! I'm so glad I followed your link. I could be here for hours.

  2. That high wire chair in the first set is so fresh and fun! All of these are such great picks, I'm glad you started posting like this again :)

  3. This is a great furniture collection! Cool blog, btw =)

  4. ohhh, that Panel sofa is soo dreamy


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