things i'm loving : monday afternoon edition.

I hope you had a grand weekend. I am starting my week off with a heck of a lot of coffee and big to-do list. How about you?

monday : things i'm luvin'.
1. Aquarius Purple ($95), 2. Tokyo Milk - Petit Fours 044 - Bon Bon Lip Balm ($12), 3. Breathless ($60), 4. Battement Necklace ($118), 5. Under New Management! ($22), 6. credo pillow ($21.95), 7. le t-shirt - blue ($69 AUD), 8. Candle #1 ($72), 9. postcard box set ($13), 10. miss harriet vanity bag, terence (£32.00), and 11. Rubans adh√©sifs (€10.00)


  1. the shoes! that necklace! Why am i not rich? :(

  2. This is how shall I say.... A product that I would most definitely love to have around the house, I mean it is beneficial.. Am I right or Am I Right?! Whether some may agree or not, it doesn't bug me to enjoy the company of one of these :)
    If everybody has them, I think I should have the opportunity in luxuriating myself with the presence of making this my present! Gotta say, its mainly because how well you've explained everything
    It's a great gift except for sometimes, but hey it surely does re-coupe and make up for boring and lost times..


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