things i love thursday.

things i love thursday.
1. Ten Dollar Drawings (Alice's new art site), 2. Wake Up (£18), 3. French Art-Case Piano (price unknown- this might just be one of the prettiest things I have ever seen), 4. Houndstooth Plaid Darlene Dress ($128), 5. Calligraphy by Silvia Cordero Vega, 6. Cobbled Roads Sweater ($168), 7. ISAK Leaf Cup (£9.90), 8. Charley Harper Illustrated Tees for Baby ($12.50), 9. Action & Number Clips ($12), and 10. Two Tone Crew Neck Sweater ($169)

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  1. oh i love the website that the dress is from. so many cute and affordable things!


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