a whole lotta mugs (35 to be exact.)

It is somewhat silly how obsessed I am with mugs. Ever since I can remember, I have found excitement is finding adorable vintage Japanese mugs at thrift stores and ones with adorable patterns from my favorite shops. I suppose it makes sense with the amount of coffee and tea I drink each day- I have a mug basically attached to my hand a large portion of the time. I am currently daydreaming of finding a beautiful antique cabinet to stuff full with pretty cups (we have no space for any more at the moment!)

1. utopia boy/girl mug ($24), 2. Numerical Mug, 18 ($6), 3. Morino Mug Cup (price unknown), 4. Tea & Toast (£15), 5. Etc Multi Stem Mug ($22), 6. Red 186 C Pantone Mug (£7.83), 7. Cherry Mug Pink (£7.50), 8. 04 (price unknown), 9. New York Coffee Cup ($14), 10. Stilla Latte Mug Black ($22), 11. London Classic Mug (£7), and 12. 1 blue tea cup ($27)

13. Memo Notebook Mug 12oz ($12.95), 14. Pepe and Friends Rosenthal Kitty Mug (£9.79), 15. CafeMug Monotone_bird cage (1,260YEN), 16. Facile Lid Mug_Duck (1,050YEN), 17. An Apple A Day Mug (£6.36), 18. mr. p lick ($12.50), 19. Keep Calm and Carry On Mug (£9.50), 20. Multidot Porcelain Mug ($14), 21. neighborhood mug ($28), 22. Charlie & Lola -Excuse Me This Is My Mug (£7.34), and 23. Black Leaves Mug with Lid ($18)

24. Love Mug in a Box - Multi Coloured (£9.95), 25. mug, superstripe old blue (£10), 26. Alphabet Mug Letter H ($10.95), 27. Iittala Taika Mug, Black & White ($22), 28. B of the Bang (£10), 29. Bambi Mug (£10.50), 30. mug - the medina (AU $19.95), 31. Gold & Lace Mug ($14), 32. Brooklyn Mug ($10.95), 33. It's a Beautiful Day! Mug (£6.36), 34. Rainy Monday Mug ($8), and 35. Chalk Board Mug ($10)


  1. what a fun post! i love mugs especially the really tacky ones you see lying around the office kitchen


  2. I am rather obsessed with mugs! And I too don't have any space available for more mugs in my tiny London flat! It's funny to see that my favourite mugs of the moment are all featured in your selection!!

  3. What a great post!! I am always looking for great mugs!

  4. I have been loving the bodum double lined mugs. They are very slick.

  5. I don't know how you do it! If I were to try to find all of the awesome stuff that you do, it would take me hours and hours of online searching.

    I love that I don't have to because I can just come to your blog and revel in all of the awesome goodies that you turn up!!!

  6. Beautiful stuff dear xD I am such a huge mug fan too! that's why i also make some xD and will be launching my own brand in not too long localy with custom shapes and all!!

  7. WOW. I literally covet every single one of those!

  8. nice finds! mugs are so, so easy to collect, too....


  9. Wow someone else who shares my Mug passion. I have probably more mugs than most as I run a mug store and your choices are very nice :)


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