great package design : vino.

My good friend Steve, a deep wine lover, never shows up to my home empty-handed. Last night he brought over a bottle of Boom Boom and while I really know nothing about wine tasting, I fell in love with the bottle's simple design. I don't know if it's the tall, rounded shape of a bottle that is great to work with, but I very frequently notice fabulously packaged alcoholic beverages. In all truth, I would buy any one of these wines just to display the bottle around our home.

Designers: 1. MASH, 2. MASH, 3. Talia Cohen, 4. Interbrand, 5. Sfaustina, 6. Extra!, 7. James Jean, 8. Yiying Lu, 9. Insite Design, 10. MASH, 11. Public Creative, 12. MASH, 13. Nadie Parshina, 14. Insite Design, and 15. War Design.

(All designers/brands found via The Dieline and Lovely Package.)


  1. I like 3 10 and 12
    I love how wines and wineries are recognising that design sells. Check out Primo Estate..


    ...perfect example of how design and architecture sells.

    x from

  2. inspired by your post, i decided to start up a blog about design and make the first post about my favourite winery! Hope you get a chance to check it out.

  3. Wine bottles are so much fun. Just last week my husband bought one just because he liked the label design. It simply looked like a yellow post-it note had been slapped on.

  4. wine labels are always so interesting! there's so many great designs to browse through at the liquor store, lol. very cool post!

  5. I am the same way, I sometimes find myself buying a bottle because I like the label.

  6. cool post! i'm so guilty of buying wine for the label (as long as it's red, i don't care so much...)


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