portland local : noun (a person's place for things).

paper letter tiles in a beautiful copper bowl.
gorgeous ceramic bowls and cake stand.
owl plates & gold fig vessels.
bowl of army men & tiny toy piano.
cake stands in the sunlight.
vocabulary cards.

Due to all the great response I got from this post (thanks everyone!), I have decided to continue posting more of my 35mm shots from my favorite local Portland shops. This week I would like to show you these pictures from Noun, a little place I always seem to be wandering around. Not only does it share a space with the southeast saint cupcake (which I will say, as a snobby baker, makes the best cupcakes in town), but it also a perfect spot on its own. It is a small space with tiny trinkets filling vintage bowls and beautifully crafted vessels, tables covered in old typewriters and local paper goods/art prints, and cupboards stacked with some of the prettiest tableware I have ever seen. Also, their little front room contains gorgeous jewelry and accessories and the workers are always the sweetest. So if you're in Portland, go ahead- stop in, eat a red velvet cupcake, and buy something pretty.

Note: Noun is located at 3300 southeast Belmont. They also have an online shop right here. Oh yes, and more photographs can be found in this set.


  1. these are such beautiful photographs. :)

  2. I'm going to be in Portland in two weeks ! Thank you for posting this--I've been looking for cute shops to go to like this... is there any where else you'd recommend I should go?? Thanks!

  3. wow i this as you describe it, this place has atmosphere that i`ll definitely like. but i`ll maybe never go in portland...eh Never say never :)

  4. Oh.. that little red piano is amazing.

  5. THANK YOU for sharing!!! I just purchased the "fragile" white letters and can not wait to get them.


  6. I didn't realize you were in my home town! My favorite place is Presents of Mind on Hawthorne. My relatives always want to go there when they visit (and eat cupcakes, too). Also love SpaLaLa which carries cute stuff to buy (after your pedicure). They are 28th & Everett next to Staccato Gelato.

  7. I love your photographs.
    And this shop profile makes me want to visit portland very soon! Keep up the good work.

  8. i love noun! and your photos are absolutely gorgeous. you're one of my new flickr faves.


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