i've got a sweet tooth.

Pardon me, but I am a major sugar addict. This morning I woke up daydreaming about ordering delicious and beautifully packaged sweets from online. Really, how nice would it be to have boxes of chocolates or chewy confections delivered right to your door? Also, I think any of these would make a wonderful Mother's Day gift...

1. Chocolate Pie Chart ($20), 2. Vanilla Caramel Pop in Milk Chocolate ($2), 3. Classic Sampler Gift Box ($22), 4. Dylan's Candy Bar Sour Fruit Candy Take Out ($30), 5. Pursuit of Happiness ~ Petits Bonbons ~ 24-piece clear ($35), 6. A Twist Box, Old School, 8oz Box ($3.99), 7. giftbox of 12 macarons ($19), 8. Ladybug Collection ($25), 9. 9 Piece Box (Caramel) ($20.50), and 10. Coffee Chocolates (11,00€)


  1. a girl after my own heart! unfortunately, tasty sweets are conducive to me attempting to prepare for bathing suit season. :(


  2. Oh goodness, my sweet tooth take up my entire mouth :) This post is wonderful!

  3. I need a chocolate pie chart

  4. Those Paulette macarons are beautiful and look/sound delicious!


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