the wall of letters in gorgeous typefaces.
rows of old cigar boxes.
ezra's shelves.
more fabulous signage.
there are a whole lot of globes in there.
beside the kitchen sink.

I could not help but share these film photographs I took from inside the home of Andrea and Ward. I was lucky to be invited there yesterday and was in complete awe of how beautifully designed and cozy the entire place is, filled with old typefaces, gorgeous artwork, antique signage, and vintage one-of-a-kind pieces from head to toe. The thing that amazes me about their home is that they somehow mix quite a few different styles (midcentury modern, flea market style, etc.) and make it work perfectly. I think I could spend an entire day in there just snapping my camera- it's just too inspiring. Now Andrea and Ward, can I please move in?

For more of their home: an interview & photos on Cafemom, Andrea's Home set, and my own Flickr set, which will have more added to it later.


  1. WOW! Love the letters (the arrangement itself is inspiring), the fun red in the third picture, and those beautiful globes! Amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hola! I just discovered your blog via Twitter and I love it. Consider me a fan! :)

  3. so many beautiful vintage touches - just lovely!

    btw you might want to check out my blog for a little bedroom makeover i just posted!


  4. Love all the vintagey goodness!

  5. I'm completely in love with their collection of letters and toys!

  6. oh summer. such a treat to see my home through the lens of your lovely camera. thank you so much for the kind words! seriously, you are too kind.

    p.s. let's switch houses for an afternoon! you can take as many photographs as you want and I can take pictures of all your fantastic colors and collections! for reals.


  7. such a treat to see more of andrea's home! I love her work and her style and her amazing playful way of decorating. your photos are fantastic.

  8. Hi. I'd love to post one of these photos as part of my Sunday blog roundup at www.TheDesignFile.net. Would that be OK? You can contact me at thedesignfile@yahoo.com. Thanks! -Lesley


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