art collection : jolies filles.

1. Two of a Kind Print by Emily Martin ($18), 2. We Grew Together Print 12x15 by Angela Stasio ($32), 3. Niaidia Limited Edition Print by Bec Winnel ($30), 4. Girl Holding Horse Head Print by ALyson Fox ($50), 5. It's All Right by Ashley Goldberg ($42), 6. Tangled 5 by Samantha Hahn ($20), 7. Late Bloomer by Aimee Sicuro ($20), 8. librarian bookended BIG print from Brigette B. ($25), 9. alone at the dance, 6x8 inch print by Caitlin Shearer ($9), and 10. Know By Heart - Print by Catherine Campbell ($15)


  1. pretty girls indeed! so very much so.

  2. ohhhh la la lovely ladies!!! What a good alliteration I just came up with.

    Beautiful round-up summer. Honored to be included!

  3. OOH, I love all these! Thanks :)


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