etsy finds of the week.

1. a bear-like object. from every eskimo ($24), 2. Cosmic cutting board and trivet from Wook Wordworking ($27), and 3. Filming Ferns from Jeremy Miranda ($30)

4. Ribcage with Heart from xlessthan3 ($9), 5. mama - apron portrait - original painting from black fence ($275), and 6. Superb tea ACEO from Tabitha Emma ($4.50)

7. STATES UNITED from Beauchamping ($75), 8. Letters to you - matchbox art from paperiaarre ($23), and 9. Adriatic Sea Wood Brooch/Pin from 60s UK Puzzle from ME2 Designs ($20)


  1. Always a joy to see what you find on Etsy. I especially like the Adriatic Sea pin!

  2. I love that We the People heart!

  3. the little bear brings a tear to my eye he's so cute! lovely finds as always. thankyou!

  4. thank you so much for including my bear-like object! it really turned around a very bad day for me. i'm so pleased and flattered and blushing...

    beep beep. all the best. xo.

  5. Love number 6 - love taking a look at your etsy finds of the week - you've got good taste :)

  6. The 'bear-like object' is too cute. It looks like a badger to me, and I'm a big fan of badgers.


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