apparel collection : camp out!

I am finally in the process of planning my first camping trip in quite some time which will be happening sometime this month. I am quite excited- who else has gone camping this summer?

1. Zip-Up 3Q Hoodie ($15.80), 2. Zoobooks Tee ($29.99), 3. Robyn Plaid Shirt ($39.50), 4. Saltwater Jeans (£35), 5. cozy crochet polka dot hooded sweater ($49.99), 6. Grey Jersey High Top Trainer (£20), 7. Pencil Heart Tee ($26.50), 8. Nylon Anorak ($185)


  1. My former-boy-scout husband keeps trying to get me to go camping, but I have yet to reconcile my love of the outdoors with my love of showers. Great list, though!

  2. I want to go camping! I want to do it for real- with tents and sleeping bags- but my husband doesn't. He want's to "camp" in a travel trailer with beds and a shower and all that. My kids have never been camping for real- the way I went as a kid. I need to make it happen!!


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