the home of elisabeth dunker.

I have been a long-time fan of Elisabeth Dunker, who runs fine little day and is a part of the Studio Violet team, so it is quite a treat to get a full-on peek into her breathtaking home over on Design*Sponge. She has such an incredible aesthetic and combines cozy vintage items with modern furnishings so well. Elisabeth, do you think I can move in?


  1. i agree...

    of all the home tours, sneak peeks, and , i've seen. hers is one of the best on a short, short list for me.

    she has the perfect blend of vintage mod, scandinavian simple, and kid friendly...quite an accomplishment!

  2. Hello! I love your blog, which has been in my netvibes for a while! I thought you might be interested by a printable that I'm offering (what with interior inspiration and all...) It's a details sheet for when you're looking for a new home... You can find it here: http://labaleineaplumes.webou.net/

    Hope you enjoy it, keep up the inspiration!

  3. I am with you, I have been admiring her apt on Design Sponge and she is so inspiring. What a beautiful space.


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