interior inspiration : young at heart.

I fully admit I have owned a fair amount of toys after I was a kid and well before I had children of my own. When it comes to thrifting and antiquing, I am usually always on the lookout for old nursery items, cutesy signage, antique children's books, and vintage wooden & plastic toys. I really enjoy it all, so I usually love seeing other people with the same adoration for good looking childish items.

Sources (from top to bottom): Flickr: arthur's circus, Design*Sponge: Jack and Lulu, Apartment Therapy: Greg & Emily, Flickr: Geninne, The Selby, emmas designblogg, Ninainvorm, Flickr: Bird in the Hand, Design*Sponge: Something's Hiding in Here, and Lori Joy Smith's Home Tour.


  1. I love the top image! So much lightness and fun.

    I've lately been wanting to ask my parents to ship me my rocking horse. I'd just put it in a corner and drape a blanket over it.

  2. Ah, toys. So lovely when neat and made of painted wood, but so difficult to keep in their place and fend off the tide of plastic. Those are beautiful displays!

  3. my favorite are the "ah" and "ha" over the bookcase

    love it!

  4. Hi! I really like your blog!
    I love the 7th picture, the one with those simple, primary colours, blue, yellow and red... so bright and vital!
    Do you know http://www.olivelse.typepad.fr ? She's also a two kids' mum who likes antique children's books, vintage toys... just like you. Take a look at it, I´m sure you'll like her blog.
    See you ;)

  5. This post made me think of S. Britt's Doodle Room:

  6. so cute! I love the cookie jars and the deers on the shelves are so funny! The room with the two large windows and the branch is so beautiful! :)

  7. these are stunning
    thank you
    been thinking about how to make odds and ends collections look good [and random]
    actually pretty hard to achieve randomness
    these ones more than achieve
    keep them coming

  8. The photos are so funny, makes me laugh and want to move in :-)

  9. Love the desk with the Paris poster. Beautiful greens.


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