interior inspiration : displaying posters.

I just bought my first band poster in years, a lovely black & white Smiths one that I had my eye out for awhile. Sure, the idea of posters can bring to mind thoughts of adolescent bedrooms and college dorms, but I think they can add quite a nice touch to a home when done well.

Sources (from top to bottom): Apartment Therapy: My Funny Eye, Patric Johansson, Flickr: fine little day, Design*Sponge: Jamie Gray, The Selby: Aaron Rose, Flickr: Camilla Engman, Design*Sponge: Darling Clementine, Lucas Allen, Flickr: Buttons Magee, Johnny Miller, and Design*Sponge: Matte Stephens.


  1. You are seriously the BEST at rounding up photos of an awesome theme, I swear.

  2. I think a poster is a great addition to the home... just as long as it's in a frame and not stuck on with pins or Blu-tack! We have a Citizen Kane one in our home.

  3. You have a very lovely blog. Lots and lots of inspiration. You are most welcome to visit my blog too.
    Best regards from Germany,

  4. Keep calm and carry on - my motto! Love your post

  5. Great roundup, girlfriend. I love posters and always yearn to display them but it's really hard to avoid that dorm-y feel, so thanks for the inspiration!


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