knock on wood.

Since my iPhone screen tracked terribly over the weekend, I have been on the lookout for a sturdy, yet stylish case for it. These ones are beautiful, crafted out of bamboo and solid hardwoods. Also, for every tree the company uses, they replant 100 through their partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation and the US Forestry Service to re-forest areas damaged by fire and other natural disasters. Good deal. ($40)


  1. These are so beautiful! I love anything made out of wood. Are they heavy? Man, I want one, even though I don't have an iPhone ;)

  2. Oh, that's sweet! I wish there was one to fit my boring and unspecial phone x

  3. I bought one of these and I offer my humble opinion -- They are very bulky, and don't seem to offer a lot of protection as one end of the phone is entirely exposed. I will be returning mine. :( They did look awfully beautiful in the pictures...


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