monday morning music : bruises.

Good morning (or almost afternoon- I woke up late)! How was your weekend? Mine was somehow spent turning our home into a place of terribly disarray, which seems to happen every holiday season. Lots of baking, crafting, and present wrapping.

This week's Monday morning song is one of my favorites after the weekend and always seems to wake me up. How you not at least dance a little to it? (Also, yes it was made famous by an iPod commercial.)


  1. Love that song! It was my ringtone for the longest time. Damn catchy.

  2. thanks for sharing that video because I totally forgot that I met them and hung out with them when they played a tiny craphole club up here in SF 3 years ago!! Ha and I remember being kind of blown away by them and writing a review for a local website and now they are all famous!! so funny life is strange :D

  3. Thanks for posting that. I'd never listened to the whole song before today. Love it!


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