a beautiful loft.

I have spotted this house tour on a few sites this week and had to share. It is the home of photographer Anita Calero as featured on LoftLife Magazine's blog. It's such a lovely space filled with unique objects and vintage furniture- love it!


  1. Your blog is such a lovely place. I find inspiration here all of the time!

    I linked you from one of my own posts today... http://www.joyfullygray.com/ ... I hope that you do not mind. Please let me know otherwise and I will remove.

    Have a blessed day.
    Peace and love.

  2. the corkboard-door refrigerator is genius! i need one.

  3. I love this scandinavian 50ies look

  4. This is an inspiring space! I really like the light fixtures (the red one above the table and the mustard yellow one in the bedroom) and the high ceilings are amazing. I also like how rustic the bedroom looks. And there really is some great light coming into the rooms. A lot to like. :)

    Caroline of Red Glasses

  5. beautiful home. clean and modern without being anemic.


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