accessories collection : gold around my neck.

I have always been much more of a silver jewelry kind of girl, but these pieces are pretty swoon-worthy...

1. all wrapped up small bow pendant ($95), 2. braided Claudette necklace ($16), 3. Je T'aime (£8.50), 4. Metallic Paper Dots Necklace by Ana Hagopian (Gold) (£35), 5. Horn Ring Necklace (£39), 6. That's-A-Wrap Necklace, Large ($228), 7. Scout Mushroom Necklace ($423), and 8. 5 Chain Necklace ($62)


  1. I've been drawn to gold lately as well! These are fabulous picks, especially the bow one, but I have to admit, the mushroom one made me giggle a bit.


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