monday morning music : lost & found.

Good morning! Is it just me, or is time moving too quickly? I cannot believe that it's March already. That means spring is just right around the corner (twenty days to be exact) and I can't be happier about it. Cherry blossoms are blooming all around town and the daily temperatures are getting higher. Welcome March!

Today's Monday morning music comes from the beautiful Taken By Trees, who I just got to finally see live last night (they were wonderful and Victoria Bergsman is a total doll.) I find her voice so soothing and beautiful, I could listen to it for hours on end. (see also: this post.)


  1. Great Monday Morning music! Just what I needed to start the day. Thanks girlie!!

  2. Beautiful song, I love her Swedish accent - she sort of reminds me of Karin from The Knife...not sure why. Thanks.



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