collections : unique objects.

Today I am in the mood for not-so-everyday objects. I sometimes dream of having our home full of them...

1. best wishes. green ($12), 2. Wing ($160), 3. Vintage European Medals ($150), 4. Filigree Skull Money Box ($275), 5. Black Magic Drapes ($25), 6. One Day Princess Tiara ($30), 7. 1929 HMV Gramophone Model 101 in Black (£875), and 8. Cutting Board - Stage ($32)


  1. that bag of wish bones seems like such a great addition to a gift for a bridal or baby shower! i think i might buy them for a friend soon : )

  2. wow, love this collection. 1&4 are my favorites.

  3. Yes! Love those mobiles from green laundry. Great finds, as usual. :)

  4. Be careful, you may, like me, end up
    with a home filled ONLY with whimsical items... Whimsy can carry you away...


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