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I'm very excited to be guest blogging at Design is Mine, which has always been one of my favourites! My own blog, Tea for Joy, tries to focus on British design, so I thought I'd share a round up of my favourite British Etsy sellers (I find the 'by location' feature in Etsy very difficult to navigate, so I'd love to hear your suggestions of other British sellers I might like.)

1. Pink Portrait ($18) by Amy Blackwell, 2. Pixie's Pan Blouse ($150) by Nadinoo, 3. Swallow necklace ($87) by Lost at Sea, 4. I like people who smile when it's raining ($11) by Heidi Burton (love her blog, too), 5. Red Balloon print ($22) by Mrs Eliot Books, 6. Hand embroidered cowboy stool ($225) by Sally Nencini - I love her work, see more of her embroidered furniture here, 7. Linen pincushion ($15) by Namolio, 8. Vintage sewing kit ($22) by Clare Owen (who has just designed an exclusive screen print for my shop, Papermash - coming soon.)

I discovered many of these artists through Summer's posts, so thanks Summer, and hope you are enjoying a well-earned vacation.


  1. A lovely selection - pleased to see sally nencinis work here, i love it too!

  2. Lovely list, these are all lovely, that swallow necklace is particularly amazing, I have another lovely British etsy shop to add to the list - http://www.etsy.com/shop/helengraydesigns. I bought a pair of blue fingerless gloves from here and they are hand knitted, soft and lovely.

  3. These are Wonderful shops! Sweet
    and Pretty London finds

  4. great list. that lovely pincushion is darling.


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