ten images of inspiration : in their sketchbooks.

Good morning! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Other than doing some housework and seeing friends, I spent a lot of time looking through artists' websites for inspiration (I want to start drawing again.) In doing this, I rediscovered my love of seeing the pages of other people's sketchbooks- it's just so inspiring to see the creative process and the rawness of pen & pencil. If you have a sketchbook online, please share... I'd love to see!

Artists (from top to bottom): Shen Plum, Mike Lowery, Karl Hebert, Clare Owen, Ward Jenkins, Camilla Engman, Gemma Correll, Krisatomic, Sarah Gardner, and Samantha Hahn.


  1. these are awesome! i love looking at artists sketchbooks!

  2. I'm a sketchbooks little mouse reader as well....
    But don't have one on my own.

  3. Thanks for sharing these!

    Oh and you can see some of my sketchbook pages here.

    :) xo

  4. Beautiful sketchbooks! Thanks for sharing! I recently started my first art class and I already love my sketch book more than anything.


  5. I've only just starting blogging, but I plan to use mine as an oline place to collect my inspiration, ideas and images. hadn't thought of putting my actual sketches on there before, but now you've got me thinking..

  6. lovely post. thanks for including mine Summer!

  7. Those are lovely - I particularly admire Camilla Engman's way of 'playing' through her sketchbook work. It's always so beautiful.

    I'm an illustrator and I put up drawings nearly every day - mostly silly, character-based stuff. My current series of drawings is on 'adulthood'.


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