school days...

I must apologize for the quiet day here. My oldest boy started kindergarten today, so I have been rather busy with mum stuff. Being back in the halls of an old elementary school has obviously inspired tonight's selection of images. Ah, the memories.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

Sources (from top to bottom): Roland Bello, uppercaseyyc, Mathias, Cig Harvey, and James Ransom.


  1. Totally reminds me of the new lookbook for Ruche (http://www.shopruche.com/lookbook_fall10.html). SO dreamy! Best wishes from a follower from Germany :)

  2. i love the photo of the dancer in front of the blackboard, i think it's beautiful. The first photo has inspired me to pair grey with brown! i don't think i would have thought to put them together :)

    hope your little one is adjusting well to school.

    <3 gina

  3. Oh my goodness! I can't believe that time has come already. I hope it was a good day for you guys.
    Wanna hear all about it! Emailing you...

  4. Oh I love all these images! So sweet. We are holding my son back so I get to experience this next year. Hope all went well. xo

  5. Remember desks that opened like a car's hood? Ahh, the days of hiding goodies and notes from friends.

  6. oh yes...memories...great pics of the slip-wearing dancer in front of the blackboard...and the lockers....oy

  7. my daughter's also started kindergarden this fall:))


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