collections : (inspired by) the dreamers.

I ended up seeing The Dreamers accidentally in the theater back in 2003, after sneaking out of a film I just couldn't get into. I immediately fell in love with its style, music, old film clips, and abundant sexuality (and be forewarned, it deals with incest.) Director Bernardo Bertolucci did a truly beautiful job with the entire look of it- plus, it takes place in Paris in the sixties, which can be a major weakness of mine. And it should be mentioned, the three film-obsessed stars are absolutely gorgeous.

1. Bow Beret ($16), 2. Unknown Band of Outsiders Poster - 11 x 17 ($25), 3. Marabou Boa Pillow ($88), 4. Tan Striped ($88, currently sold out), 5. 1960 CROWN 8 EZS 2X8mm Reflex Zoom Cine Camera with Handle ($79.99), 6. World Imports Elizabethan Classics Grand Slipper Cast Iron Clawfoot Tub ($2,980), 7. Dark Green Velvet Dress (€86), and 8. Antique Scaferlati Levant Tobacco Tin. Regie Francaise des Tabacs ($19)


  1. cool selections, i've always wanted to see this movie but haven't had a chance to get around it

  2. I just happened to watch this movie for the first time on Sunday night. Although the plot didn't appeal to me as much as I had hoped, I loved the style of the entire film!


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