a perfect muse.

Really, how lovely is my friend Ashley? At ages sixteen and eighteen, her and I formed a great bond as young personal bloggers, and have been friends and pen-pals since. Now she runs Fancy Fine, a sweet blog that documents her daily life and truly stunning fashion choices in San Francisco. Go visit and I promise, you will be smitten.


  1. i love these photos! thanks for show casing this blog : )

    and make sure you keep entering to win in my little life spelled jen giveaway

  2. I am smitten! I've just visited her blog and wow, what amazing style. I wish I had her eye for vintage finds. Thanks for the recommendation x

  3. She's adorable! I have total hair envy :)

  4. What a wonderful vision of litening to Edith Piaf while snacking on pastries and how it must transform you to Paris, wonderful.


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