guest post : (inspired by) stephin merritt & the magnetic fields.

(The following post is by a new Design is Mine contributor, my dear friend Christopher Williams. From time-to-time, he will be posting his favorites for style and design inspiration. Hooray for finally having a male guest blogger!)

To celebrate the release of "Strange Powers", the documentary about Stephin Merritt and his band The Magnetic Fields, I've chosen some items that (to me) carry a touch of Mr. Merritt's personality and signature themes that run through his songs.

Pour yourself a nice stiff drink, que up your favorite ABBA vinyl, and enjoy.

1. 69 Love Songs Vinyl Boxset ($99.98), 2. Chaplin ($38), 3. Original Gin, 4. Yes, a Voyage to the Moon is Possible! ($49.99), 5. Mandolin -10 different woods ($1200), 6. Greeting Card, Just Arrived in New York City ($4.95), 7. THE MAGNETIC FIELDS ($25) and 8. Stephin (price unknown)


  1. Love, adore this post! I'm a new fan of the band (thanks to the film).

  2. i love love love this! i haven't seen the doc yet, but lets just say it, "I" pretty much changed my life.

    xo Lo



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