apparel & accessories collection : ruffled layers.

Ah, the romance of ruffles. I adore when they are piled on top of each other, like soft layers of tissue paper...

1. Premium Terracotta Chiffon Ruffle Bolero ($90), 2. Twinkle Shooting Star Blouse ($316.50), 3. randi ruffle skirt tank dress ($396), 4. KAPOW! WOW! Tulle ruffle neck piece ($106), 5. higher than heaven ruffle vest ($49.99), 6. chiffon cascade skirt ($59.99), 7. Premium Taupe Wool Ruffle Shorts ($105), and 8. Memphis Style Dress ($134.99)


  1. I love, love, love ruffles! They are both playful and at the same time very feminine and elegant - beautiful combination.
    The blue dress is my favourite! Nice finds :)

  2. Ruffles are so fun; those Topshop shorts are crazy!

  3. I want, want, want (need) that neck collar and skirt. Ruffles are so beautiful and delicate, perfect for day or evening.



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