ten images of inspiration : an escape.

Currently dreaming of: a short escape. Packing up the car or hopping on a train to the coast or countryside. Bringing nothing but a few loose dresses, a stack of books, and a couple of film cameras. Spending time in a bed and lying on grass or sand. I'm ready for a little break and a couple days of discovery.

Sources (from top to bottom): Alicia Bock, Flickr: J├Ârdis!, Nicholas Haggard, Margaret Durow, hula seventy, Maria Alexandra Vettese, Louise Hatton, Wai Lin Tse, A Sense of Place Photography, and Salva Lopez.


  1. Thank you for these pictures. they are absolutely beautiful. i want to walk down that empty road, sit at that table and pack that suitcase ;)
    enjoy your friday.


  2. You're blog is calling to me today. All the images are beautiful.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  3. Thanks for the total eye candy! That third image makes me think of Everything is Illuminated.

  4. The dusty road leading into the horizon is beautiful. I love the yellow flowers on one side and the grassy plain on the other.

  5. oh, that post made me siiiiiiiiigh...


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