collections : a spot of tea.

As they said in a 1930's ad slogan, Tea Revives You!

1. Flower Garden Tea for Two by Shinzi Katoh ($44.99), 2. Complete Confectionist Plate Set ($36.99), 3. Today's Special Earl Grey Tea ($9.99), 4. Arta - Tea Infuser and Saucer in Melon/Brown ($19.89), 5. Eloise Liberty Print Tea Bag Dish (£17.95), 6. Eiffel Tea-wer Set for One ($54.99), 7. uncommonly good cup mug and saucer, ls dot old blue (£18), and 8. Tea Lovers To Go Cup ($18)


  1. I LOVE this post!!! I just did a post about teapots (I don't have one), but all these are awesome.

    The Cheeky Cafe

  2. This is my sorta post!! I saw that eiffel tower teapot in a shop window the other day & lusted after it! AND I bought that ceramic travel mug a few weeks ago.
    Great blog :) x


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